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Questions & answers

Can I order translations even if I am not from Macedonia or UK?

Of course, we would be glad to service you. We can arrange for various language combinations and deliver the translation to you in soft or hard copy.

Do you request advance payment from your clients?

No, we issue the invoice after we have completed the translation. 

How do you calculate the number of translated pages for which you charge the clients?

We charge our clients per translated text, per page. Each translated page is calculated as: number of translated characters with spaces divided by 1800.

Would you be willing to introduce another type of pricing (per word, per hour etc.)?

Sure, as long as it is fair to the translator and the client. 

Does NAVIS encourage translators to use machine translation?

No, we never encourage machine translation. All the translations are made by our qualified, certified and professional translators. 

Does NAVIS accept rush translations?

Yes, as long as it is fair to the translator. As we don’t use machine translations, and we always deliver what we promise, we never take on tasks that cannot be delivered within the time frame requested by the client.